Debt With Current Supplier

Debt with your Current Supplier

Debt With Current Supplier

Standard Meter

If you think you are spending too much money with your current supplier, but you can’t leave them because you are in debt with them, we can still look into helping you.


You can still switch on our website, or through our friendly call centre. Once you have found a better deal than your current tariff, you can contact your supplier and explain that you would like to set up a payment plan with them to write off that debt, or you can dispute your energy bill if you think it is incorrect. This will help you save more money long-term, and the reason behind this is because if you stay with your current supplier, your debt will just increase for as long as you stay with them.  If you move away from them, you can slowly pay back the debt on a weekly/monthly basis and be debt-free.

Prepayment Meter & Debt

If you owe £500 or less on your electricity meter and £500 or less on your gas meter, you can still switch to another supplier, if you are paying the debt off through the meter.  You will find yourself cheaper rates on your meters, which means you won’t get yourself into any more debt on your gas or electricity. Your new supplier will take on the debt for you, and this way it will be quicker for you to pay off as you are saving money off your energy at the same time as you are paying off your debt.

If you are on a smart prepayment meter, you can look into having a normal meter installed, as the rates are usually much cheaper than pay as you go - you also receive direct debit discounts or you can pay on a payment card on a weekly / fortnightly / monthly basis, and the amount is usually agreed over the telephone.

So why not see what you can save by clicking on the link below, or by calling our helpful call centre.