How can my Energy Bill be so high?

How can my Energy Bill be so high?

How can my Energy Bill be so high

If you think the energy bill that you received isn’t right, there could be many reason why it may not be correct, or different to what you were expecting - for example, because it looks too high or too low.

1. Your bill could be estimated

If you have not submitted a recent meter reading, then your supplier will have used an estimation.  You can submit your meter reading for this to correct itself, this will then adjust your bill for the next quarter (depending on how often you receive your bill).

2. You could have changed the amount of energy you use

You could be using a different amount of energy than usual.  Reasons could be, the weather has been cooler so you may have had heating on more than usual or you could be using an electrical heater, that uses a lot more electricity - this would then make the bills higher.

It could be that someone has recently moved in or out of the property, so this would result in more or less electricity being used.

Think whether there are any factors within the household that could affect the usage for your energy.

You could be using a tumble dryer, or dishwasher more often than usual.

3. There may be a mistake in your meter reading

You or your supplier may have read your latest reading incorrectly, so this could mean that your bill is either too high or too low. You or your supplier may have mixed the numbers around - this would then be calculated incorrectly.

Take a new meter reading and check it against the one that was submitted.  If it is similar, then there probably isn’t a problem. If the numbers are different, then it could be a possibility that there is a mistake with the bill.